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Ladies, gents and non-binaries: Stephen Fry, man who possesses the most common sense of any human on earth.

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“The only person I really worry about is Zayn, because I don’t think he’s quite accustomed to all of this. He had a terrible time on Twitter… I don’t think he’s quite adjusted to it yet. I’m sure he’ll get it. He’s my best mate. I’ve got to look out for him.”

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Gospels from the mouth of DanRad

"fuck that, I’m Harry Potter"

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my friend is hiding under this bean bag in the library so he doesnt have to go to PE


the only way you can see him is if you get on the floor behind the bean bag and see the light of his phone


I bet he’s on Tumblr

I am

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—Quiero verte. —Y yo a ti. —¿Hoy? —No puedo —Mañana —Menos —Sábado —No. —Domingo —Imposible —Ok pero tenemos que vernos. —Cuando tú quieras.



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